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* Earth Charter (Creation  Care) Starter Kit *

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The Bible
Genesis 1:28

The Earth Charter

Charter for Compassion

A whimsical image of the earth with flowers, butterflies, rainbow & other  nature surrounding itLogo for Study Guide for 1993 ELCA Social Statement on Creation CareImage of solar panels and heading: God's Creation Climate Change 101

ELCA Social Statement on Creation Care (1993)

Study Guide for 1993 ELCA Social Statement on Creation Care

ELCA Climate Change 101
(from ELCA Advocacy Office)

Label of "Awakening to God's call to Earthkeeping" ELCA statement

Awakening to God's Call to Earthkeeping (group study guide)

Amanda Gorman ~ "Earthrise" (4:30 minutes)

"Earth Charter: Turning conscience into action" (1:30 minutes)

Stacked ELCA logoPhoto of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. speakingDrawing of Equality, Equity and Justice of three people watching a soccer game

Social Message on Climate Crisis

Non-violence Principles
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Economic & Social Justice (AFL-CIO perspective)

Why this Work? . . . a sense of responsibility to all other living beings - God's creation - all plants, animals and people!

We have fallen so far short of our responsibility to care for Creation (Genesis 1:28).